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Information - Club Assistance & Community Support

During the past 77 years the Hellenic Club has assisted many charities both in Australia and in Greece especially during World War II and beyond.

The Red Cross, the Benevolent Society of NSW, the Blind & Deaf Societies, the Spastic Centres to name a few, have been recipients of the Club's generosity. The University of NSW, Sydney, Macquarie and Athenian Universities have also benefited from Hellenic Club donations.

The Club provides free meeting and function room facilities for numerous organisations on a regular basis. Anecdotal evidence indicates that demands by groups for free meeting space becomes ever increasing. Meeting and function room facilities are also offered to commercial organisations for a modest fee.

The Club has supported over the years various Greek organisations such as the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Hellenic Council of NSW, and the Hellenic Lyceum by providing free accommodation within the Club's premises. Organisations that the Club has donated funds and supported include the following:

  • Aboriginal Children Advancement Society
  • Australian Council For International Services
  • Australian Red Cross
  • Australian Quadriplegic Association
  • Ambulance Services
  • Crown Street Thelassaemia Fund
  • Consulate General Of Greece
  • Education Dept, Language Day
  • Cretan Association
  • Central School Of Speech & Drama London
  • Estia Foundation Of Australia
  • Ethnic Communities Council
  • Federation Sterea Hellas Of Australia & NZ
  • Genetic Eye Foundation Limited
  • Greek Earthquake Relief
  • Greek Orthodox Community Of NSW
  • Greek Community Home For The Aged
  • Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Of Australia
  • Greek Orthodox Church Of St Constantine & St Helene
  • Greek Orthodox St George Monastery
  • Greek Orthodox St Dimitrius, St Marys
  • Greek Orthodox St Peter, Paul & St Gregory Palamas
  • Greek Orthodox Community of N & W Suburbs
  • Greek Welfare
  • Hellenic Council Of NSW
  • Hellenic Tribute Sydney Olympics
  • Hellenic Lyceu
  • Kytherian Brotherhood
  • Liberal Party Of Aust NSW Division
  • Lord Mayor-Flood Victims
  • Macquarie University-Sydney 2000 Olympic Book Project
  • Macquarie University - Modern Greek Studies
  • Marrickville Girls High School
  • Matthew Talbot Hostel
  • Mt Keira Rural Fire Brigade
  • NSW Sports Council For The Disabled Inc
  • Pan Arcadian Association Of Nsw
  • Panhellenic Sporting Club
  • Panachaian Philanthropic Association
  • Paralympic Games
  • Pontian Genocide Studies Fund Macquarie University
  • Rotary Club
  • Royal NSW Institute For Deaf And Blind
  • Salvation Army-Xmas Appeal
  • St Basil's Homes
  • Sydney City Council-Bushfire Appeal
  • Sydney City Mission Winter Appeal
  • Sydney Cancer Centre
  • Sydney Symphony Orchestra
  • St Andrews Theological College
  • St John Ambulance Brigade
  • St Vincents Hospital
  • Sydney Hospital - The Eye Health Appeal
  • Sydney University Greek Orthodox Fellowship
  • University Of Athens, Greece
  • University Of NSW Dept Modern Greek
  • University Of Sydney
  • Variety Club (Special Children's Christmas Party)